Open croquis at Dansmuseet

A few of my ink sketches from the very interesting live sketch event at Stockholm’s Dance Museum, March 16th. Obviously, the models are dancers, and most poses are 1-2 minutes – at 1.5 hours, it’s a real workout!

Tools: a simple MUJI roller-tip and a Copic Brush-M ink brush on a Canson sketch block.

2 thoughts on “Open croquis at Dansmuseet

    • Hello Jennie!
      I still use the Jojayos… I am not sure what other brands there may be, although I seem to remember seeing some other variation at the art store. There’s bound to be something available – I’ll keep an eye out. One possible solution is what James Gurney uses: fill a Niji water brush with Higgins Eternal Black ink – just make sure to keep the cap on tight!

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