Open croquis 110329

I ended up with a few nice sketches from the weekly life drawing croquis at Konstnärshuset. I was somewhat nonplussed at the start because for some reason the model decided to pose partially clothed, which made things a bit awkward. I was mentally trying to erase the garments, which is a hassle when one only has two minutes to draw the pose. It also changes the lines of the body, which is what I was there to practice drawing.

I go to two other weekly drawing sessions where the models are clothed, so this one has importance as the only chance to specifically draw the body itself, rather than just the poses. It’s been a great and very helpful event up to this point, so I hope they get back on track.

I bought some Copic pastel brush pens, and started experimenting with them. They react nicely with the black ink brush pen, yet on their own they are much lighter than I expected them to be. Interesting results… I plan to work with them more tonight…

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