“Éowyn and the Nazgûl” Art Order Challenge

Petar Meseldžija’s dramatic new painting “Éowyn and the Lord of the Nazgûl” caused a lot of excitement on the Muddy Colors collaborative blog a few weeks back, and that posting led to a retrospective of different depictions of the famous scene by a slew of famous artists. The Art Order was inspired to come up with an open challenge to depict the famous scene from Tolkien, and the Muddy Colors folks are going to participate with critiques, judging and prizes.

I decided to create a submission for the challenge, and started in with my usual researching and pondering. Surprisingly, I’ve ended up with not just one, but three paintings on the go. I’ll likely enter just one, but it’s been very interesting and rewarding to come at the same brief in a variety of ways.

I’ll post more thoughts on all of this, but for now here is a peek at the latest work in progress for my main submission candidate, approximately 70% complete:

Èowyn and the Witch King

The Art Order Nazgûl challenge

Muddy Colors challenge post

Petar Meseldžija’s blog post

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