Open croquis 110510

I had a nice sketch come out of the latest open life-drawing session at Konstnärshuset on Tuesday. I can really feel the difference that attending these sessions weekly has made. If you have the means, I highly recommend going to something like this.

Here is my favorite of the evening, from a five-minute pose:

Kroki 110510 01

I switched from the black Copic Brush-M pen I have been using to a “Jajayo” YY101 brush pen. I had put off using this pen after I picked up a handful at Jordi Konstnärshandel, because I thought it looked a little cheap and possibly gimmicky, but that’s my loss – it’s amazing! It has a much more brushlike feel than the Copic (which is a good pen), and one can easily get all sorts of strokes and textures out of it. I found myself using it for fine lines as well as the heavier areas. One can apparently also dip it in some water for more varied effects. It’s really a pleasure to use.

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