“The Nautilus and the Devilfish” WIP

I’ve been re-reading Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas lately, and have been sketching out possible Captain Nemo portraits. More on that to come, but I’ve also been thinking about trying a “crowd scene”, and the Devilfish attack seemed a perfect candidate. I sat down with the iPad to sketch out some little colour scenes. I went a bit over the top at first, I think, with a really ambitious, wide-screen battle scene:

Nemo is in there, and Ned Land lining up a harpoon cast… still, it seemed a bit messy to me – which I supposed a giant squid attack can be. I decided to crop in closer to clean up the tentacle chaos, and to open up a highlighting area of light behind Nemo:

It’s a bit better, but I still felt removed from the people. I finally decided to really zoom in, and get some faces visible, and I ended up here:

Ned isn’t in this group, and the brave Nautilus crew are the focus. After sketching it out, I posed for the various figures. I researched the possible look of their clothing, what boarding axes of the period looked like, and the possible look of the deck of the Nautilus. It’s fairly murky at the moment, which is a typical issue when producing on the iPad – the device screen is very bright and sharp, and images typically look much duller when I bring them to the desktop.

I’ll keep working on this piece, and post the final when I get it sorted.


3 thoughts on ““The Nautilus and the Devilfish” WIP

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