On The Easel…

I haven’t been updating here much, as after Northern Light 1, I have mostly just had my nose to the canvas as I re-learn how to use acrylics. The workshop was very exciting, and it was fascinating to see so many artists’ working, both digital and traditional… but it gave me a yearning for an actual painting I could hold.

I used to work a lot with acrylics when I was a teenager, but I’ve realized now that I never really learned much about painting, about mark-making and color-mixing, controlling values, etc. – nothing very deep, at any rate.

Working on the iPad has been amazing and very motivating, and I have nearly 400 paintings from the past two years in the Brushes app alone – but when I sat down at the canvas, I realized I simply didn’t know how to mix color! I kind of panicked at first, and then got worried about how many new tubes of colors I might need to buy. Then, slowly, I began to understand how to work up from the basics and mix things myself, using some limited palettes so that I will focus on value and temperature.

Now I am going back over much of what my favorite artists have said about palettes and color handling, and it’s beginning to make sense in a way that never registered before. I am starting to get it. I am still right at the beginning, though… a long, long path ahead of me…

Here are a few works in progress in the studio:

An Elphaba, a Red Sonja rework of an earlier attempt, and an Elric.

And here is the latest update on “The Nautilus and the Devilfish”, just for Arnie:

One thought on “On The Easel…

  1. Hi, I would like to say I have just come across your page by complete accident and what a happy accident it has turned out to be. This picture is amazing. I see that this was posted some time ago and would just like to know if it is finished and is there anywhere I can buy a print of it?

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