"Drakflickan"18x26 cm Graphite with Digital Colour

18×26 cm Graphite with Digital Colour

This is my entry into the recent Art Order challenge with the theme “Dragon World”. This is intended as the cover to an imaginary book for older children called “Drakflickan” (“The Dragon Girl”). The idea of the challenge was to not only depict a dragon, but to show the dragon’s integration and influence with the world that it inhabits. I worked to achieve this by showing an intimate and obviously comfortable connection between the girl and the dragon, and suggesting some sort of working relationship by having them both be similarly armoured.

I didn’t want to do be too explicit about what the relationship between the two actually involves, whether they are equals or one serves the other, but the motif on the shield hopefully implies that they’re involved in some larger tradition of their cultures.

This was created with graphite on 120g Canson croquis paper, and was digitally coloured in Photoshop CS6 using Justin Gerard’s excellent watercolour tool presets.


3 thoughts on “Drakflickan

  1. Beautiful piece Dave. It’s got lovely flow, a delicate palette, and two gorgeous faces. And the suggestions it creates are subtly handled and inspire curiosity. As a cover, it’d make me want to buy the book!

    • Hello Nick! I just noticed my original reply to this seems to have vapourised, so I’ll add it back: thanks for the kind words about the piece. i think this was a solid jump forward for me… new techniques are always exciting to experiment with, and I felt very good about this process. I definitely want to try more like this.

      Incidentally, I found out there *is* a swedish children’s book called “Drakflickan”, but I gather the story is quite different from what I was working on here…

  2. Hey David, Just wanted to thank you for your kind comment on Muddy Colors. Your piece caught my eye immediately, for it’s strong composition and the feeling it conveys between the two characters. I don’t know how I got picked over all the wonderful entries but your support means a lot. All the best.

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