More Watercolour Experimentation…

"Jehanne with Apple Blossoms" Watercolour, work in progress.

“Jehanne with Apple Blossoms”
Watercolour, work in progress.

Here’s my second watercolour attempt, also very much in-progress. This image has been in the works since last summer, when I had a friend pose for the sketches for it. Here I’m building up many washes of very light tones, trying not to destroy the surface of the Canson paper too much as I go. I’m deliberately using a very narrow colour range so far, and it tends to vary between looking pretty good and going muddy, depending on the wash. I wanted to see how this technique feels to work in, and what kind of results I can get with it – it’s really different from how I tend to use acrylics. It’s been a real exercise in patience, waiting for each wash to fully dry!

6 thoughts on “More Watercolour Experimentation…

  1. I think it’s impressive, there’s a feeling of 3-dimensionality and depth there. Watercolours are so unruly – I love it about them, but it’s very difficult to get a lot of precision like you have here.

    • Thank you! I think some of the 3D feel is down to using a daguerreotype setting on my iPhone camera… 😀 the vignette blurring seemed to really accentuate the dimensionality on this shot, so I have to share credit with that. “Unruly” is such a great word for watercolours – lots of fun, but almost intimidating at the same time!

      I hope I can get through this whole piece without blowing it…

      • Yup. The ever-present fear of getting it just right and then spoiling it with the last brushstroke 😀 Good luck!

  2. Looking good, David. You must be using cold press? Have you heard of Mary Whyte? Amazing watercolor artist with some very instructive books out there. She also keeps her palette very simple, avoiding the muddy part, although you portrait doesn’t look muddy to me.Great expression on this portrait.

    • Hello Kim, and thank you! Yes, it’s Canson cold press, 300g/m – it’s sort of all I’ve ever used up to this point… any recommendations? It’s all new to me…

      I didn’t recognise Mary Whyte’s name, but when I looked her up, I recognised her work from several magazines immediately. She does lovely work, I think. Right now, I am busy freaking out over Karl Mårtens, who I’d never heard of until several months ago. He’s local, so I hope to make a trip to one of his exhibitions next week!

      • Karl is amazing! Thanks for pointing him out to me. Oh…to ever be so free and loose and yet have such control of your edges. Drool.
        As far as paper goes, I’ve enjoyed hot press Lanaquarelle. Just personal choice.
        Hope you get to his exhibit.

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