New work in progress

"Jehanne with Apple Blossoms" Acrylic on panel, work in progress.

“Jehanne with Apple Blossoms”
Acrylic on panel, work in progress.

It’s summer and hard to concentrate on finishing projects, but I have several paintings on the go. The one above is a larger acrylic version of a watercolour I played around with last summer. I’m having a lot of fun with this one, and since it’s been “in progress” for two years, I’m happy that it’s nearly completed!

I thought I was going to do an acrylic underpainting and then work in oils, but I became interested in how the acrylics were handling on the panel, and I liked how they built up in thin washes. It’s a bit of a rubbish photo and doesn’t really do the actual colours justice, but I’ll take a proper photo when it’s done.

Here’s another WIP that’s been kicking around since one of last winter’s Stockholm Sketchjams – a certain red-maned warrior woman:

"Hyrkanian" Watercolour and Digital, work in progress.

Watercolour and Digital, work in progress.

This began as a large-format watercolour, but it sort of got away from me – I’m still just starting out in watercolours and felt like I maybe bit off too much! I photographed what I had and took it into Procreate on my iPad. There was a lot of Sergio Toppi emulation going on when I first sketched this (obvious, it seems to me), and Swedish artist Karl Mårtens was also an inspiration, but stumbling across some work by Enric Torres-Prat for a pulp western really helped me get motivated to keep going on this piece.

2 thoughts on “New work in progress

  1. Gorgeous work, Dave. I really love the stylization on the Hyrkanian piece: the angular lines, and the way the colors emerge from shadow, glowing. Beautiful.

    • Thanks, Nick! The various reds in her hair are even more intense in the original watercolour, but my scan of the work didn’t really capture that. Still working on this one, trying some big adjustments to certain elements, so there’s time to try to pump that colour back up…

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