INSPIRED Art Book on the presses!

INSPIRED Cover Art by Kip Ayers

INSPIRED Cover Art by Kip Ayers

I just wanted to help spread the news that Jon Schindehette’s INSPIRED book project is about to hit the streets!
“INSPIRED is a juried collection of works from over 30 international artists. The publication includes selected works from the Inspired By ArtOrder challenge, short essays by the artists about their inspiration, and a mini-artists gallery. This book also attempts to create a new publishing model for artists that allows them to reap the rewards of their creative talent by splitting the profits with the artists.”
The jury for this project was a wonderful all-star line-up: Irene Gallo, Julie Bell, Lauren Panepinto, Rebecca Guay, Terese Nielsen and Terryl Whitlatch. 

The artist list is as follows: Alice Cao, Anthony Schmidt, Ashley Stewart, Boco, Brenda Lyons, Cole Marchetti, Cristina Bencina, Dave Lebow, David Brasgalla, Elizabeth Leggett, Filippo “onez” Vanzo, Gabriella Liv Eriksson, Herman Lau, Inaya Hodeib, Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, Jim Zaccaria, John Picacio, Julia Metzger, Julian Hayduk, Kelley McMorris, Kip Ayers, Kiri Østergaard Leonard, Kristina Carroll, Marc Scheff, Paul Pederson, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Rich Klink, Sam Guay, Sybiline, Tara Larsen Chang, Tav Kong, Terese Nielsen, Terryl Whitlatch, Wylie Beckert.

This is a 132-page paperback with a limited print run of 1000 copies, so don’t wait to order if you’d like one. If you take part in the pre-order before April 3rd, you get a free digital copy of the book in PDF form.

I’m very pleased and honoured to have been included in this project, and I want to do my part to help the project succeed. Please take a look at the Art Order store page and help support this new publishing model for artists!

And thanks, Jon, for all your hard work making this project happen – I know it’s not easy!


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